Eduardo Vela Ruiz

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Eduardo José Vela Ruiz, was born in Mount Vernon, New York ( 1951). Since age 2 he lives in Tampico, Tamaulipas. In this city receives his education and began his career as a professional and later on as an entrepreneur.

Eduardo Vela Ruiz graduated in Law by the Autonomous University of Tamaulipas (1973).He practiced as a litigator from 1973 to 1978 and is official litigator from Public Notary number 23 since 1975 and its titular since 1980 to date.

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We have called this most romantic resort in the world, in the Puerto Vallarta area, Eduardo Vela Ruiz is pleased to offer you a "Beyond All Inclusive. Our extraordinary service has including Condé Nast's "Most Excellent Spa Hotel”.

Eduardo Vela Ruiz understands that having a vision means being a visionary. Never complacent, Velas Resorts is passionate about improving and staying on top of trends.

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Mr. Eduardo Vela Ruiz is aware of the quality of leadership in the new entrepreneurs and puts his trust in young talent to their properties have greater momentum in the tourism industry. It also gives you the warmest welcome Ignacio Mendoza , recognizing their professionalism and knowledge to maintain the high standards of the brand Grand Velas, which have won awards internationally.

Eduardo José Vela Ruiz had taken birth in Mount Vernon, New York in the year 1951.He is Chilean by birth. He has done BA in tourism from Universidad La Salle Cancun. He began his work in Amsterdam, Netherlands at the Le Méridien Apollo.